There are times when our little island is nestled under a heavy blanket of fog for days on end. Every 10 seconds, the Brant Point Lighthouse foghorn bellows over the sea ensuring safe passage for approaching vessels in the low visibility. This nostalgic and wistful sound is one that harkens back to days of Nantucket yore, and it is a frequent and familiar sound to us indeed. Every day this week has been gloomy and many of us are beginning to wonder when we will see the sun again.

Of course, we are highly acquainted with the Grey Lady and know she is of gentle nature. School vacation is about to start and the majority of families have packed up to flee the island for a week or so, and it is beginning to get very quiet. Many restaurants are closed for their own winter breaks, too. This is common for Nantucket in February. We all need a break sometime. The quiet will be short-lived though. Our office is busy with rental calls and we are booking summer vacations left and right. If you are looking for your own break, you know who to call.