Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 11/05/2023 to 12/05/2023  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$3,045,763 Average Sale To Last Ask95%
Median Sold Price$2,300,000 Average DOM71
Average Sale To Assessed137.63% Number of Solds19
Average Sale To Original Ask89% Total Sum of Solds$57,869,500

Total Sales Volume 2023

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
196 Hummock Pond Road 07/01/22Cisco00Land$3,150,00055
9 Lily Street 07/01/22Town421 Family$3,000,000
23 Madaket Road 07/01/22Town331 Family$4,000,00063
21 West Chester Street 07/01/22Town441 Family$5,411,0003
12 Main Street 07/01/22Town00Commercial$1,569,1131391
35D Old South Road 06/30/22Mid Island00Commercial$825,000
29 Milk Street 06/30/22Town421 Family$3,164,16523
36 Cliff Road 06/30/22Cliff421 Family$3,200,00064
8A Thirty Acres Lane 06/30/22South of Town22Condo$825,000
5 Black Fish Lane 06/29/22Sconset671 Family$6,192,67746
29 Millbrook Road 06/29/22Hummock Pond331 Family$2,250,000
8B Daffodil Lane 06/28/22Mid Island44Co-Op$1,390,00024
8 Second Way 06/28/22South of Town421 Family$1,400,000
5 Doc Ryder Drive 06/24/22Miacomet331 Family$3,304,00012
77 Hummock Pond Road 06/24/22South of Town321 Family$900,000
1 Chapel Street 06/23/22Sconset321 Family$2,325,0008
14 Flintlock Road 06/23/22Tom Nevers411 Family$2,000,000
28 Main Street 06/23/22Sconset551 Family$10,800,0000
95 Miacomet Avenue 06/23/22Miacomet00Land$3,000,000
84 Cliff Road 06/21/22Cliff00Land$4,150,000111
18 Nobadeer Avenue 06/21/22Mid Island00Land$2,200,000
8 Brant Point Road 06/17/22Brant Point531 Family$4,300,0002
332 Madaket Road 06/16/22Madaket211 Family$1,305,00017
7 Square Rigger Road 06/16/22Mid Island00Commercial$970,000
8 Heath Lane 06/15/22Tom Nevers441 Family$1,160,000
23 Kittiwake Lane 06/15/22Naushop321 Family$2,075,0000
5 Coffin Street 06/15/22Sconset531 Family$4,795,00068
43A Macys Lane 06/15/22Mid Island221 Family$835,000
Lot 1 Maple Lane 06/15/22Mid Island00Land$1,376,8650
138 Miacomet Road 06/15/22Miacomet441 Family$8,450,000