Experience Some of Nantucket from Home

During these challenging times, the far-away island of Nantucket may seem even farther. We are looking forward to when we will all once again be able to enjoy Nantucket and its historical and natural treasures. In the meantime here are some online resources that enable you to experience some of Nantucket from your home.  Stay safe, looking forward to seeing you again.

Nantucket Historical Association

The NHA website has always been a great online resource for those looking for insight into Nantucket’s fascinating past.


The NHA youtube page includes hundreds of historical videos including symposiums, documentaries, and historical films. Their latest film, Nantucket – A Film By Ric Burns “serves as a transformative gateway experience for today's island visitor. It chronicles the vibrancy of Nantucket's history, from its original Wampanoag Native American population and early Quaker culture to its international significance as the whaling capital of the world and eventual rebirth as an art and resort colony.” The film was created exclusively for NHA by Ric Burns. 

Also available at the NHA website

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The Maria Mitchell Association

For those with an interest in the Natural Science of Nantucket visit The Maria Mitchell Association website. Their Research and Collections page includes videos, photos, and articles about Nantucket including:

Ocean and Harbor

On the Land

In the Sky

Downtown Nantucket Cam

Want a live view of downtown Nantucket? Look no further than our webcam.  The page includes 2 angles of Downtown Nantucket. Looking at it makes you wonder where the cobblestones came from.  Well, you are in luck, the NHA has an answer (sort of).

Yoga from Nantucket

The Yoga Room is offering free online classes through ZOOM. Check out their Facebook page to get updated detail on how to attend.

Supta Yoga Nantucket is also offering free online classes through Instagram Live. Their schedule can be found at suptayoganantucket.com/

Both businesses are offering classes free of charge but are asking for donations enabling you to support great island businesses as they help us stay active.

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