Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 09/26/2021 to 10/26/2021  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$4,447,005 Average Sale To Last Ask97%
Median Sold Price$2,856,250 Average DOM73
Average Sale To Assessed169.70% Number of Solds72
Average Sale To Original Ask97% Total Sum of Solds$320,184,351

Total Sales Volume 2021

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
8 Sachem Road 10/25/21Cliff451 Family$13,250,00092
47A West Chester Street 10/22/21Town651 Family$3,700,00096
11 Osprey Way 10/21/21Cisco321 Family$6,525,0003
67 Fairgrounds Road 10/21/21South of Town00$315,000257
2 Winn Street 10/21/21Town761 Family$6,250,000100
6 Center Street 10/19/21Sconset221 Family$1,800,0009
2 Cabot Lane 10/19/21Cliff541 Family$3,800,00072
10 Angola Street Lot 2 10/19/21Town00Land$1,795,00023
4 Longwood Drive 10/19/21Tom Nevers431 Family$2,512,50047
36 Easton Street 10/19/21Brant Point651 Family$12,365,000
2 Center Street 10/19/21Sconset311 Family$1,800,0009
18 Center Street 10/18/21Sconset521 Family$1,300,000108
7 Hinckley Lane 10/18/21Cliff561 Family$23,500,0000
32 Autopscot Circle 10/15/21Nashaquisset441 Family$1,849,00014
94/21 Tuckernuck 10/15/21Tuckernuck311 Family$1,900,00049
13 North Star Lane 10/15/21Cliff561 Family$5,250,000
5 Stone Post Way 10/15/21Sconset551 Family$5,000,00043
6 Woodbury Lane 10/15/21Town551 Family$3,700,000377
5 Heather Lane 10/15/21Cliff671 Family$22,250,000
9 Tashama Lane 10/15/21Mid Island321 Family$1,300,00045
1 Old Tom Nevers Road 10/15/21Tom Nevers321 Family$2,000,00013
8 Ash Street 10/15/21Town521 Family$4,395,00043
53 Center Street 10/15/21Town541 Family$4,950,00047
3 Deacons Way 10/15/21Cliff661 Family$6,995,0000
12 Federal Street 10/15/21Town03Commercial$7,200,000
56 Union Street 10/15/21Town13Commercial$3,625,000500
75 Sparks Avenue 10/15/21Mid Island54Multi Family$1,000,000
24 North Cambridge Street 10/14/21Madaket441 Family$4,450,00023
20A Bishops Rise 10/14/21Dionis00Land$2,075,000151
2 Lilac Court (Lot 44) 10/14/21Mid Island321 Family$1,495,0000