Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 10/30/2020 to 11/30/2020  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$2,803,783 Average Sale To Last Ask93%
Median Sold Price$2,198,750 Average DOM205
Average Sale To Assessed116.19% Number of Solds76
Average Sale To Original Ask88% Total Sum of Solds$213,087,494

Total Sales Volume 2020

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
136 Miacomet Road 11/25/20Miacomet77Single Family$5,550,00095
1 Waterview Drive 11/24/20Surfside64.5Single Family$3,495,000343
74 Cato Lane, # B 11/23/20South Of Town32.5Condo$835,00032
37 Somerset Road 11/23/20Hummock Pond31.5Single Family$1,020,00067
84 Cliff Road 11/23/20Cliff32.5Single Family$2,590,000376
16 Goldfinch Drive 11/20/20Naushop56.5Single Family$1,675,000
2 Boucher Way, # A & B 11/20/20Miacomet64Multi-Family$1,495,00018
59 Fair Street 11/20/20Town43.5Single Family$2,250,00042
2 Old Mill Court 11/20/20Town56Single Family$4,300,00068
3 Swain Street 11/20/20Brant Point21Single Family$1,850,00030
5 Curlew Court 11/20/20Naushop32.5Single Family$1,185,000413
5 Cherry Street 11/19/20Town22Single Family$1,150,00029
6 Coffin Street 11/19/20Sconset45Single Family$3,226,00098
41 Wigwam Road 11/19/20Madequecham32Single Family$1,450,000145
6 Winn Street 11/19/20Town55Single Family$3,680,000431
35 Low Beach Road 11/18/20Sconset86.5Single Family$4,825,0000
9 Bayberry Lane 11/18/20Sconset23Single Family$1,200,00019
2 Anna Drive, # D 11/17/20Mid Island11Condo$575,00020
2 Sandwich Road 11/17/20Monomoy87Single Family$4,115,00036
22 Atlantic Avenue 11/17/20Town31Single Family$950,00072
8 Parson Lane 11/17/20Tom Nevers32.5Single Family$1,800,00094
41 Surfside Road 11/17/20Mid Island53Multi-Family$1,180,000286
14 Hydrangea Lane 11/17/20Sconset33.5Single Family$2,247,500486
82 Baxter Road 11/16/20Sconset43Single Family$2,600,0000
67 Vestal Street 11/16/20West Of Town00Land$1,850,0002
50 Brewster Road 11/16/20Shimmo00Land$3,600,000187
16 Pleasant Street 11/16/20Town22.5Single Family$1,645,000238
7 Goldfinch Drive 11/16/20Naushop32.5Single Family$930,000346
179 Eel Point Road 11/16/20Dionis88.5Single Family$5,843,750498
1 Farmview Drive 11/16/20Cisco43.5Single Family$3,380,000352