Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 08/25/2023 to 09/25/2023  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$3,819,500 Average Sale To Last Ask95%
Median Sold Price$3,400,000 Average DOM97
Average Sale To Assessed146.52% Number of Solds15
Average Sale To Original Ask93% Total Sum of Solds$57,292,500

Total Sales Volume 2021

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
65 & 88 Quidnet Road 09/12/23Quidnet331 Family$5,500,000150
69 Hummock Pond Road 09/12/23Cisco311 Family$3,400,00033
10 Pippens Way 09/11/23Shimmo661 Family$7,800,0000
5 Mattapoisett Avenue 09/11/23Cisco551 Family$6,600,0005
74 Goldfinch Drive 09/08/23Naushop441 Family$2,927,0007
18 Still Dock 09/08/23Town34Condo$3,700,00093
9 Orange Street 09/06/23Town411 Family$1,875,000736
3 Maxey Pond Road 09/06/23Cliff751 Family$5,100,00014
12 Dukes Road 09/05/23West of Town321 Family$2,700,0004
16 Aurora Way 09/01/23Hummock Pond551 Family$4,300,000163
25 Bank Street 08/31/23Sconset111 Family$2,000,000
13 Autopscot Circle 08/31/23Nashaquisset33Co-Op$2,300,0002
42 Chuck Hollow Road 08/30/23Tom Nevers841 Family$6,200,50053
26 Honeysuckle Drive 08/25/23Mid Island321 Family$1,495,000
25 Hooper Farm Road 08/25/23Mid Island211 Family$1,395,0002
89D Washington Street 08/24/23Town11Condo$710,000
4 Birdsong Lane 08/24/23Town00Land$2,600,000150
5 McKinley Avenue 08/23/23Sconset431 Family$5,450,00089
3 Millbrook Road 08/22/23Cisco321 Family$2,695,00013
7 Bluet Court 08/18/23Mid Island00Land$620,00029
6 Center Street 08/18/23Sconset221 Family$2,650,00036
2 Candle House Lane 08/16/23Town00Land$2,000,00013
8 North Gully Road 08/15/23Sconset331 Family$3,595,00013
11 Bluet Court 08/14/23Mid Island00Land$625,00038
109 Tom Nevers Road 08/10/23Tom Nevers311 Family$1,850,000
30 Goldfinch Drive 08/10/23Naushop321 Family$2,185,00059
27 North Liberty Street 08/08/23Town321 Family$2,495,000
13 & 15 Nancy Ann Lane 08/07/23Mid Island311 Family$2,550,000
11 Nancy Ann Lane 08/07/23Mid Island00Commercial$750,000
13 Arkansas Avenue 08/04/23Madaket331 Family$2,750,0004