Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 03/18/2021 to 04/18/2021  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$2,443,778 Average Sale To Last Ask96%
Median Sold Price$1,675,000 Average DOM215
Average Sale To Assessed119.39% Number of Solds36
Average Sale To Original Ask88% Total Sum of Solds$87,976,000

Total Sales Volume 2020

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
13 Hendersons Drive 04/02/21Miacomet42.5Single Family$3,100,000167
3A Yawkey Way, # Right Half 04/01/21Mid Island22.5Condo$860,0000
4 Brant Point Road 04/01/21Brant Point66.5Single Family$5,750,00074
6 Boulevarde 04/01/21Surfside21Single Family$1,975,00024
13 Fayette Street 04/01/21Town43.5Single Family$2,800,000258
8 Sherburne Commons Lane, # 8 03/31/21Surfside00Condo$819,000
20 Equator Drive 03/31/21South Of Town32Single Family$1,275,000
16 Starbuck Road 03/31/21Madaket44.5Single Family$3,095,0002
6 Sheep Pond Road 03/31/21Madaket32Single Family$1,650,000199
20 Fulling Mill Road 03/31/21Polpis42.5Single Family$4,600,000156
30 Devon Street 03/31/21Tom Nevers00Land$1,350,0001313
14 Cannonbury Lane 03/30/21Sconset00Land$1,150,000
7 Westerwick Drive 03/30/21Sconset00Land$1,100,000
6A Witherspoon Drive, # Unit A (left 03/30/21Mid Island32Condo$935,00023
8A Green Meadows Road 03/30/21Miacomet22Single Family$825,0007
3 Grand Avenue 03/30/21Sconset115Single Family$3,300,000464
7 Upper Tawpawshaw Road 03/29/21Middle Moors43.5Single Family$2,100,000124
251 Hummock Pond Road 03/29/21Cisco33.5Single Family$4,450,000237
75A Bartlett Road 03/26/21Miacomet33Condo$717,00093
106 Cliff Road 03/26/21Cliff55.5Single Family$4,200,000229
25 Starbuck Road 03/26/21Madaket55Single Family$8,700,000861
8 Weymouth Street 03/25/21Town44Single Family$2,775,000201
14 Amelia Drive, # 1 03/25/21Mid Island00Commercial$1,100,000427
3 White Whale Lane 03/24/21South Of Town00Land$480,000
72 Quidnet Road 03/24/21Quidnet44Single Family$3,526,00012