Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 01/18/2020 to 02/18/2020  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$1,861,500 Average Sale To Last Ask96%
Median Sold Price$1,400,000 Average DOM165
Average Sale To Assessed114.69% Number of Solds25
Average Sale To Original Ask87% Total Sum of Solds$46,537,500

Total Sales Volume 2019

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
21 Macys Lane 02/06/20Mid Island46Multi-Family$1,350,000219
10 Still Dock 02/04/20Town22.5Single Family$2,225,00032
1 Weatherly Place 02/03/20Mid Island42.5Single Family$750,000
3 Cottage Court 02/03/20Town42.5Single Family$1,350,00082
1 Bayberry Lane 02/03/20Mid Island33Single Family$1,400,000187
51 B Pleasant Street 02/03/20Town22.5Single Family$1,000,000577
8 Sheep Commons Lane 01/31/20Middle Moors43Single Family$1,325,00098
26 Pine Crest Drive 01/31/20Mid Island44Single Family$1,570,000169
9 Washington Avenue 01/31/20Madaket31.5Single Family$1,000,000213
14 Orange Street 01/30/20Town55.5Single Family$3,600,000
41 Almanack Pond Road 01/30/20Polpis00Land$3,250,0000
65 Hawthorne Park 01/30/20Hummock Pond00Land$1,275,0000
2 The Grove 01/30/20Fishers Landing43Single Family$1,427,50053
73 Hawthorne Park 01/30/20Hummock Pond55.5Single Family$2,800,000123
5B Park Circle, # 5B 01/30/20Mid Island23.5Condo$710,000239
68 Pochick Avenue 01/29/20Surfside44.5Single Family$2,225,000111
2 Somerset Road 01/28/20West Of Town31.5Single Family$1,295,000207
1 Lyon Street 01/27/20Town45.5Single Family$3,800,000272
1 Elbow Lane & 9 Gully Road 01/24/20Sconset42Single Family$1,950,000492
1 Doc Ryder Drive 01/23/20Cisco32Single Family$1,250,000
23 West Chester Street, # B 01/23/20Town21.5Condo$1,025,00010
5 & 7 West Creek Road 01/22/20Mid Island72.5Commercial$2,260,00020
6 East Hallowell Lane 01/22/20Cliff00Land$4,200,00033
11 Pleasant Street 01/22/20Town54Single Family$2,100,000474
17 Starbuck Road 01/21/20Madaket42Single Family$1,400,00028