Improvements To The Steamship Authority Reservation System

Making reservations online with the Steamship Authority can be frustrating, in fact we have often suggested that you mail in your auto reservations or call (when available). Fortunately the Steamship Authority has announced improvements to their online reservation system.

These improvements include an online waiting room, estimated wait times and the ability for users to view their place in line. There are also improvements behind the scenes that are not as obvious but make the process faster and allow more traffic.

According to SSA Communication Director Sean Driscoll
“This is something we are all familiar with from Ticketmaster and buying Red Sox and Patriots tickets, and it’s going to give people a better experience as far as knowing where they are in the process and not having to constantly refresh the website trying to get in,”

As of January 12th 2021 reservations are accepted online with phone reservations available starting January 26th.

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