Nantucket by Bike

Nantucket’s relatively flat terrain make it an ideal place to ditch the car and explore by bike. On busy summer days biking is often the easiest way to get around and once you get to your destination parking is as easy as putting down your kickstand.

Nantucket Bike Paths

With over 35 miles of bike paths, many of which are separated from the adjacent roadways, you can access many areas of the island via bike path. Most bike shops offer maps. Here are a couple of links.

Map from the Town Of Nantucket

Nantucket Regional Transit Authority Interactive Map

Renting a bike

If you don’t want to bring your bike there are plenty of rental options on Island for adults and kids. If possible plan ahead and book in advance.  Many rental shops will deliver to your location.

For adults, and kids that can ride on their own, most rental shops have some form of hybrid bike that is user friends, efficient and can handle the occasional dirt road.  For kids that are not able to ride on their own many shops offer trail-a-bikes and trailers. Trail-a-bikes are great in that they attach to adult bikes and help when kids get tired and you can keep a close eye. Trailers are great for little ones plus they can nap on the ride home.

If you a planning a lot of beach trips a beach chair with shoulder straps can be handy. They allow for hands-free travel and most come with a cargo pocket for towels, sunscreen etc. Many bike rentals shops carry them.  

Cook's Cycle Shop

Island Bike Shop

Easy Riders

Young's Bicycle Shop

Safety tips

When you are on a bike path, ride slowly. Most of Nantucket's paths are multi-use paths and are shared by riders and pedestrians alike.  

Bike paths have two-way traffic, stay to the right and obey traffic signs.

Wear a properly fitted helmet. Many bike rentals come with helmets, if they don’t get one.  

Look out for soft sand. At some point when riding to the beach (or anywhere)  you may encounter some soft sand, it can be tricky to ride over. If in doubt get off and walk your bike.

Wind. The strong wind at your back getting you to Sconset with ease can be a challenge on the way home. Not so much a safety tip, just something to look out for. That being said all NRTA buses are equipped with bike racks.

Have Fun!

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