Nantucket East Shore Beaches

The Eastern Shore of Nantucket includes several of the islands more remote beaches. The Eastern shore starts with the amazingly beautiful Coskata/Coatue and runs the length of the island ending with at the wide open easy to access Sconset beach. Access can be an issue on the Eastern shore please plan accordingly as may of the beaches require beach permits and 4 wheel drive to reach them.

Great Point -Beach Permit and 4-wheel drive needed, be sure to deflate your tires. Seeing the Great Point Lighthouse alone is worth the trip but the beach delivers as well with a pristine experience complete with heavy surf and fine, soft sand. Not mention some of the islands best fishing.

Pocomo - Located half way between the harbor to head of the harbor. It's warm water and consistent wind make it a perfect spot for kite boarding, windsurfing and other water sports. Just west of the Head of the Harbor for plenty of parking. Excellent beach for small children, however parking and at times the bugs can be an issue.

Coskata/Coatue - A narrow strip of land with "points" - actually forms the harbor. This beach is best visited by kayak, but the trip is longer than it looks so be prepared to paddle. Once on dry land be mindful that this is a fragile ecosystem and must be treated accordingly. For more information visit the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge website.

Sconset - Siasconset Beach is wide beach located at the eastern most tip of the island and very popular for those staying in 'Sconset. Sconset offers vacationers and locals the perfect mix of accessibility, great food, historic sites and pristine beaches and bluffs. Sconset is just 8 miles from town and easily reached by car, NRTA Wave or the bicycle path.


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