Madaket, with it's tranquil harbor and tidal flats was where the first European settlers of Nantucket landed in 1659. Over the years the area served as a farming and fishing community, until modern transportation transformed it into an idyllic vacation spot.

Madaket is 5 1/2 miles from Nantucket Harbor, and an easy bike ride  especially if you have the wind behind you! Public transportation is always an option as well with NRTA providing a cheap and convenient way to get around the island.

Stop off at Millie's Market for and ice cream or to stock up on provisions before heading out to explore Madaket's many natural attractions. Madaket harbor is well protected and features sprawling tidal flats that are perfect for curious kids to splash around and explore. If your are interested in boating Madaket Harbor is a small-boater’s paradise, especially if you like to kayak or simply cruise around in a dinghy.

The South facing beaches in Madaket can offer great surfing when the swell is up but know your limits as the waters can be treacherous. Lifeguards are stationed in front of the parking lot during summer hours.

Try and stay for the day (if not longer) and take advantage of Nantucket's best spot to view the sunset. 



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