South Shore Beaches of Nantucket

The South Shore of Nantucket offers some of the finest beaches in the in the world. The following list is just a sample and include Surfside, Miacomet, Cisco, Tom Nevers and Nobadeer beaches. The South Shore does face open ocean swells making it popular for those seeking waves, but also more prone to rip currents. 

Surfside - One of the most popular beaches on Nantucket, very family friendly though the surf can get heavy at times. Located at the end of Surfside Road, a three-mile bike ride on paved path or take the NRTA Shuttle in season. Surfside beach offers plenty to keep the family busy - surfing, picnics, beach games, and surfcasting are just some of the fun activities. And although the steep hill between the beach and snack bar can be a workout, it's worth it.

Miacomet - At the end of Miacomet Road or South Shore Road. This beach can have Surf and rip currents so please take care. The beach is very long with lifeguard only in one area. This beach also does not offer any facilities. Families with young children may prefer Miacomet Pond.

Cisco - Four-mile bike ride to end of Hummock Pond Road. This beach offer some of the islands best surf however rip currents can be strong so be careful. Cisco beach is very popular with surfers and young adults. If you're interested in learning to surf check out Nantucket Island Surf School for information on rentals and lessons at Cisco beach.

Tom Nevers - Also called "Pebble Beach" is located at the end of Tom Nevers road. The surf at this beach can be heavy at times and the sand is very coarse. As a result this beach is rarely crowded.

Nobadeer - Also called "Brobadeer" this beach is very popular with college kids and is known for it's party scene. Located near the airport however parking is limited and beach can be difficult to access due to steep incline. The wide beach is good for picnics, beach games, surfing, and surfcasting.

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