Property Transfers for September Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Registry of Deeds from Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2018:

Fortunate Sons Development LLC to Highgarden Holdings LLC: 38 and 40 Jefferson St., dwelling, .45 acres, $11,500,000.

David W. Fox Jr. 2002 Trust to 2 Lincoln Avenue Nominee Trust: 2 Lincoln Ave., dwelling, .24 acres, $9,250,000.

James Croyle, trustee, 96 West Chester Nominee Trust, to James Robert Maguire and Katherine Bucknell Maguire: 96 West Chester St., dwelling, 1.0 acres, $5,600,000.

Rosemary Zurmuhlen to Douglas A. Kern: 71 West Chester St., dwelling, .37 acres, $2,500,000.

Christopher and Victoria LoRusso to Jamie Kaplin: 7 Joy St., dwelling, .11 acres, $2,225,000.

Aline Womack 2002 Trust to The Cylon Elves LLC: 3 Wyers Way, dwelling, .43 acres, $2,100,000.

Hydrangea Lane No. 1 LLC to Annette F. Picerne, trustee, Revocable Trust of Annette F. Picerne: 2 Hydrangea Lane, dwelling, .11 acres, $2,000,000.

TLJ Properties LLC to Little Rabbit Holdings LLC: 5 Doc Ryder Drive, dwelling, .45 acres, $1,900,000.

Carol A. Barrett to Bekind Development LLC: 154 Cliff Road, Lot 2, $1,900,000.

Jean M. Duce to HF51 ACK LLC: 51 Hooper Farm Road, .41 acres, dwelling, $895,000.

Jared A. Smith to 64 HFR LLC: 64 Hooper Farm Road, dwelling, .37 acres, $815,000.

Anne Atherton to Mariyana S. Cavaler and Leonildo C. Cavaler: 4B Goldfinch Drive, condominium, $675,000.

Town of Nantucket to Gladlands Cooperative Inc.: Mequash Street, parcels D and E: $7,828.

Town of Nantucket to Nancy J. Hammond, parcels on Dunham Street; Nobadeer Avenue, $7,498.

Town of Nantucket to James B. and Elizabeth A. Digney, trustees, Digney Realty Trust: Dunham Street, Parcels D4 and D5, $5,000.

The following transactions were exempt from the Land Bank transfer fee:

Stephen and Mary Lynn Watson to What Sun LLC: 5 Tetawkimmo Road, $1.

Marvin L. Goldberg, trustee, Marvin L. Goldberg 2010 Revocable Trust, to Nenemoosha LLC: 39 North Liberty St., $1.

Abrar and Laura Quershi to A.D. Associates LLC: 19 Gray Ave., $1.

Joseph A. and Melissa S. Skomurski to the Joseph A. Skomurski Revocable Trust of 2018 and the Melissa S. Skomurski Revocable Trust of 2018: 48 Lovers Lane, less than $1.

Kevin J. Griswold to Kevin J. Griswold and Elizabeth Anne Fox: 33-1/2 Bartlett Road, $0.


Paul Vigneau, trustee, Barbara Vigneau Trust, to Paul Vigneau: 15 Meadow Lane, $0.

Patrick J. and Nicole L. Ridge to Patrick J. Ridge: 18 Arlington St., $0.


Land Bank revenues for Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2018 were $817,606.52. Year-to-date revenues are $18,407,774.95. Land Bank income is derived primarily from the collection of a 2 percent transfer fee on real estate transactions, subject to certain exemptions.

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