Property Transfers for December 7-13 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Registry of Deeds from Dec. 7-13, 2018:

Frank E. and Susan F. Viano to Tosca Drive LLC: 49 Pine St., dwelling, .11 acres, $2,450,000.

Margaret H. Blair, trustee, Margaret H. Blair Trust, to James L. and J. Marcia Croyle, trustees, 53 Tom Nevers Nominee Trust: 53 Tom Nevers Road, dwelling, 1.3 acres, $2,112,500.

Ramin Arani to Jonathan Ames and Joanne Leslie: 51 Fair St., dwelling, .07 acres, $2,020,000.

Joanne Leslie and Jonathan Ames to K22S LLC: 65 Centre St., .10 acres, $1,700,000.

Michelle Poupon, trustee, 3 Wamasquid Place Realty Trust, to James and Jennie Cook: 3 Wamasquid Place, dwelling, 1.35 acres, $1,650,000.

Michael Stewart and Mary Tess Stewart to Bradley H. Greene, trustee, 9 Rudder Lane Realty Trust: 9 Rudder Lane, dwelling, .43 acres, $1,600,000.

Michael W. and Bonnie K. Harlan to 14 Witherspoon LLC: 14 Witherspoon Drive, dwelling, .14 acres, $1,400,000.

The following transactions were exempt from the Land Bank transfer fee:

Caroline E. Aronoff to 18-20 Hooper Farm Road Realty Trust: 18 Hooper Farm Road, less than $100.

Gary C. Yates to Arrowhead Drive LLC: 11 Cow Pond Lane, $10.

David P. Pekarcik to Richard J. Glidden, trustee, Eli-Hooper Realty Trust: 50 Hooper Farm Road, $1.

Downyflake Inc. to Richard J. Glidden, trustee, Eli-Hooper Realty Trust: 52 Hooper Farm Road, $1.

Julie E. and Matthew K. Reinemo to Richard J. Glidden, trustee, Eli-Hooper Realty Trust, 2 Eli Place, $1.

Robert R. Reardon Jr. to Mary Augusta Reardon and Carol Ann Manville: 5 Parker Lane, $1.

Mary Augusta Reardon and Carol Ann Manville to Robert R. Reardon Jr.: 3 Parker Lane, $1.

Suzanne K. Kennedy to Suzanne K. Kennedy, trustee, Kennedy Realty Trust: 3 Poor Richard’s Way, $1.

Fairmented LLC to Carlos Hidalgo: 55 Fair St., $1.

Gladlands Cooperative Inc. to Gladlands LLC: 4 Gladlands Ave., $0.

Anne Sweidel to Suzanne Carson and Stacy Toporoff, trustees, Annie’s Hall Nominee Trust: 5 Sylvia Lane, $0.

Juanita Vernal Gil to Juanita Vernal Gil and Junior A. Gil: 4 Hull Lane, $0.

Land Bank revenues for Dec. 7-13, 2018 were $258,650. Year-to-date revenues are $21,914,150.50. Land Bank income is derived primarily from the collection of a 2 percent transfer fee on real estate transactions, subject to certain exemptions.

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