Property Transfers May 31-June 6, 2019

The following property transfers were recorded in the Registry of Deeds from May 31-June 6, 2019:

Nancy Nevins D’Anjou, 12 Lincoln Avenue LLC, to Deanna D’Amore, trustee, 12 Lincoln Avenue Nominee Trust: 12 Lincoln Ave., dwelling, .51 acres, $9,400,000.

Brewster Equities LLC to 4ACK LLC: 12 Oak St., business, .19 acres, $6,500,000.

Teasdale Family Irrevocable Trust to Peter L. and Natalia V. O’Brien, 36 Low Beach Road, dwelling, 1.64 acres, $5,500,000.

Trevor and Julie Woods to Martin and Kimberly Glavin: 6 Pawguvet Lane, dwelling, .25 acres, $3,900,000.

Trevor Huffard, Paul Huffard, Courtney Platt and Whitney Phillips to The Roeder Family Revocable Trust: 41 Easton St., dwelling, .15 acres, $3,148,000.

Fifty One Orange Street Trust to Ross and Amy Silverstein: 51 Orange St., dwelling, .15 acres, $2,600,000.

Paul Piccirillo to 125 Orange Street LLC: 125 Orange St., dwelling, .18 acres, $2,405,000.

Seraphina Watts to Marcus and Amy Mignone: 6 Sandpiper Way, dwelling, .63 acres, $1,500,000.

Brandon Michael Ronca to Jonathan D. Heneke: 3 Friendship Lane, vacant land, .46 acres, $550,000.

James P. and Theresa A. Hendricks to 2A Evergreen Way Realty Trust: 2A Evergreen Way, vacant land, $480,000.

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