Property Transfers for March 30 ~ April, 5 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Registry of Deeds from March 30-April 5, 2018:

Danielle deBenedictis to The Ackabbey Nominee Trust: 2 Sasachumet Lane, vacant land, 1.58 acres, $2,500,000.

MHD Partners Real Estate LLC to Gustavo Kinrys and Irena Cafasso: 4 Goose Cove Way, dwelling, .93 acres, $2,100,000.

The George F. Korn Living Trust to John F. D’Avella and Denise A. D’Avella: 14 Pleasant St., dwelling, .09 acres, $1,715,000.

Laurance J. Guido to Carl and Sharon Nielsen: 90 Baxter Road, dwelling, .46 acres, $1,480,000.

Harriet S. Turner, trustee, Oregon Trail Trust, to The Bolthole LLC: 17 Academy Lane, .05 acres, $1,450,000.

Cliff Dive LLC to PS&QS LLC: 105 Surfside Road, dwelling, 1.84 acres, $1,420,000.

Ginrich Realty Trust, Robert William Hillger, trustee, to Carl and Sharon Nielsen: 15 Bassett Road, dwelling, .75 acres, $1,400,000.

Glenn H. Hofsess and Kristi Lynn Hofsess to Spencer Heydt: 107 Orange St., dwelling, .13 acres, $1,311,000.

James E. Lovering to Mark James Kaplan and Caitlin O’Hearn Kaplan: 25 Daffodil Road, Unit A, dwelling, $1,060,000.

Stephen M. and Teresa R. Kerwick to Seth D. and Yvonne M. McEachron: 87 Tom Nevers Road, dwelling, .50 acres, $995,000.

Deborah A. Glaskin to Ellen Elizabeth Deutsch: 4 Bluebird Lane, dwelling, .16 acres, $864,000.

Charles P. Landquist, trustee, to Alexa Trapasso: 2 Goldfinch Drive, dwelling, .12 acres, $760,000.

Caitlin Waddington to Jane E. Lovering: 15A Pine Tree Road, dwelling, $649,000.

Foggy Style LLC to Robert Casterline: 10 Arkansas Ave., dwelling, .15 acres, $550,000.

Frank Suslavich to Dawn E. Hill Holdgate and Michael K. Holdgate: 3 Somerset Road, vacant land, .49 acres, $595,000.

Sheeroy D. Desai and Barbara Mellen Desai, co-trustees, Desai Revocable Trust, to Steven W. Backus and Arthur I. Reade, trustee, Woodbine Realty Trust: 27 Western Ave. and 4 Auriga St., vacant land, .24 acres, $300,000.

Town of Nantucket to Lewis S. McCreary, trustee, Port of Call Nominee Trust: Parcels C and D, unnamed way off Low Beach Road, $5,705.

Brant Point Courtyard Condominium Trust to Thomas Troja and Kate McGivern Troja: 15 Swain St., timeshare, $750.


The following transactions were exempt from the Land Bank transfer fee:

Blue Hills Bank to Nantucket Property Acquisition Company LLC: 20 Cliff Road, $3,870,000.

Blue Hills Bank to Nantucket Community Television Inc.: 9A Bayberry Court, $890,000.

James F. Kane III and Krista C. Kane to Kane Family Realty Trust: 21 Ridge Lane, $100.

Thomas E. and Jennifer M. Sleeper to Thomas E. and Jennifer M. Sleeper, trustees, Thomas E. Sleeper 2003 Trust and Jennifer M. Sleeper and Thomas E. Sleeper, trustees, Jennifer M. Sleeper 2003 Trust: 8 Osprey Way, $1.

Bradley S. and Jeanmarie G. Brewster to Bradley S. Brewster, trustee, and Jeanmarie G. Brewster, trustee: 25 Walsh St., $1.

Estate of Sarah L. Davis and 13 Williams Lane Revocable Trust to Stacey M. Damian: 13 Williams Lane, $1.


Land Bank revenues for March 30-April 5, 2018 were $373,109.10. Year-to-date- revenues are $5,828,575.87. Land Bank income is derived primarily from the collection of a 2 percent transfer fee on real-estate transactions, subject to certain exemptions.

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