Property Transfers for September 7 ~ 13, 2018

The following property transfers were recorded in the Registry of Deeds from Sept. 7-13, 2018:

Thalassa Trust to Britannia Nantucket Inc.: 81 Squam Road, dwelling, 2.0 acres, $12,500,000.

Peter E. and Linda F. Hoey to DJG Associated LLC: 61 Wanoma Way, dwelling, 4.69 acres, $5,756,000.

William R. Fuller, trustee, William R. Fuller Revocable Trust, to Seas of Beauty LLC: 12 Whitetail Circle, dwelling. 2.76 acres, $3,400,000.

ACK Morgan Square LLC to Anglers Alley LLC: 24 Field Ave., dwelling, 1.0 acre, $3,220,000.

Bradley S. Brewster 2017 Revocable Trust to Thomas D. Kaczmakek Revocable Trust: 25 Walsh St., dwelling, .12 acres, $2,915,000.

John G. Johnson and Robert C. Johnson, trustees, Johnson Nominee Trust, to Bradley S. Brewster, trustee, Bradley S. Brewster 2017 Revocable Trust, and Jeanmarie Brewster, trustee, Jeanmarie Brewster 2017 Revocable Trust: 29 Walsh St., dwelling, .18 acres, $2,600,000.

Nazzareno & Alexandra Paciotti to Anthony Costa and Cole Shaw Costa: 10 Swift Rock Road, dwelling, 1.0 acres, $1,860,000.

Michael K. and Dawn E. Holdgate to Constance B. Simses 2012 Irrevocable Trust, and John P. Simses Jr. 2012 Revocable Trust: 15 Exeter St., dwelling, 2.10 acres, $1,815,000.

Godeseer LLC to 1 Clara Drive LLC: 1 Clara Drive, dwelling, .17 acres, $1,800,000.

Thomas B. Hakes and Ellen Hallock Hakes, trustees, Mary Ellen Hallock Testamentary Trust: 1 Pochick St., dwelling, .04 acres, $1,697,000.

Karen Craddock to 16.5 Waydale LLC: 16-1/2 Waydale Road, dwelling, .27 acres, $1,050,000.

Jaspen Amodeo to Jill K. Piper and Jonathan P. Ring: 23B Rhode Island Ave., condominium, $737,500.


The following transactions were exempt from the Land Bank transfer fee:

Greg W. Glowacki to Atanas F. Iliev and Vilina Iliev: 19B Waydale Road, $435,000.

Sally H. and Stephen S. Obletz to Pickering Properties ACK LLC: 40A Union St., $1.

Gary M. and Fre Pokoik to Gary M. Pokoik: 21 Washing Pond Road, $0.

Matthew R. MacEachern to 7 Essex LLC: 7 Essex Road, $0.

Gregg Seibert to 23 Quidnet Road LLC: 23 Quidnet Road, $0.

Philip A. and Sandra K. Stymfal to Philip A. Stymfal Living Trust and Sandra K. Stymfal Living Trust: 49 South Cambridge St., intervals 5F and 6F, $0.

Philip H. Didriksen Jr., trustee, Helen E. Didriksen Qualified Personal Residence Trust, to Bradford P. Didriksen, Michael W.E. Didriksen, Stephen P. Didriksen and Katherine C.H. Didriksen Barone: 25 Union St., $0.

Land Bank revenues for Sept. 7-13, 2018 were $787,010. Year-to-date-revenues are $12,863,676.45. Land Bank income is derived primarily from the collection of a 2 percent transfer fee on real-estate transactions, subject to certain exemptions.

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