Nantucket Real Estate Statistics 2019 Review

Sold Statistics for 2019

Average Sold Price$2,299,132 Average Sale To Last Ask94%
Median Sold Price$1,575,000 Average DOM156
Average Sale To Assessed121.01% Number of Solds437
Average Sale To Original Ask90% Total Sum of Solds$1,004,720,880

Featured Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold Price
72 Pocomo Road 04/11/19Pocomo77.5Single Family$11,670,000
11 Monomoy Road 06/14/19Monomoy75Single Family$8,100,000
9 Cabot Lane 08/16/19Cliff54Single Family$7,500,000
22 Nonantum Avenue 09/30/19Surfside76Single Family$7,100,000
78 Pocomo Road 04/11/19Pocomo11Single Family$6,000,000
18 Bishops Rise 10/15/19Dionis66Single Family$5,750,000
14 Hawks Circle 11/22/19Sconset68.5Single Family$5,750,000
17 Hinckley Lane 10/15/19Cliff63.5Single Family$4,750,000
245 Hummock Pond Road 09/20/19Cisco43.5Single Family$4,350,000
60 Walsh Street 11/07/19Brant Point43Single Family$4,225,000
175 Polpis Road 08/29/19Polpis55Single Family$4,175,000
109 Main Street 01/25/19Town55.5Single Family$4,000,000
14 Delaney Road 10/10/19Cliff43.5Single Family$3,880,000
17 North Pasture Lane 01/15/19Polpis44.5Single Family$3,620,000
7 Hedge Row 01/08/19Sconset43.5Single Family$3,250,000
1 Maxey Pond Road 09/20/19West Of Town54Single Family$3,237,500
41 Easton Street 05/30/19Brant Point64.5Single Family$3,148,000
37 Brewster Road 07/11/19Monomoy23Single Family$3,100,000
20 York Street 08/05/19Town65.5Single Family$3,100,000
7 Angola Street 10/01/19Town65.5Single Family$3,095,000
5 Coffin Street 01/11/19Sconset53Single Family$3,025,000
37 Vestal Street 05/17/19Town55Single Family$2,900,000
76 Pocomo Road 08/01/19Pocomo43.5Single Family$2,700,000
74 West Chester Street 08/09/19Town33Single Family$2,680,000
20 Cliff Road 11/20/19Cliff54.5Single Family$2,630,000
3 Pleasant Street 11/18/19Town43Single Family$2,600,000
5 Bunker Hill Road 02/15/19Sconset44.5Single Family$2,550,000
8 Chester Street 01/18/19Town78Single Family$2,550,000
12 Waquoit Road 12/23/19Madequecham42.5Single Family$2,500,000
125 Orange Street 05/31/19Town11Commercial$2,405,000
3 Silver Street 08/26/19Town44.5Single Family$2,400,000
7 Green Lane 11/15/19Town54Single Family$2,370,000
41 Pochick Avenue 09/19/19Surfside54.5Single Family$2,312,500
37 York Street 12/18/19Town53.5Single Family$2,275,000
4 Traders Lane 11/15/19Town42.5Single Family$2,195,500
10 Gray Avenue 11/07/19Surfside44.5Single Family$2,165,000
22 Boulevarde 12/03/19Surfside00Land$1,750,000
4 Thistle Way 10/25/19Surfside43.5Single Family$1,745,000
36 York Street 10/25/19Town22Single Family$1,675,000
25 High Brush Path 08/19/19Cisco32.5Single Family$1,650,000
6 Gull Island 10/15/19Town43.5Single Family$1,620,000
3 Starbuck Road 11/18/19Madaket32.5Single Family$1,575,313
8 South Beach Street 01/18/19Brant Point32Single Family$1,575,000
76 Polpis Road 04/22/19Polpis22Single Family$1,550,000
9 Meetinghouse Lane 10/21/19Sconset43.5Single Family$1,500,000
10 R Golfview Drive 11/20/19Miacomet44Single Family$1,500,000
32 West Chester Street (portion) 08/01/19Town00Land$1,500,000
4B Gladlands Avenue 11/15/19Surfside43Single Family$1,475,000
26 York Street 10/30/19Town43Single Family$1,450,000
40 B Union Street, # Unit 4 01/16/19Town22Condo$1,381,110
2 King Street 09/13/19Sconset42Single Family$1,280,000
74 Center Street , # 6 12/20/19Town21Condo$1,275,000
41 Chuck Hollow Road 01/15/19Tom Nevers00Land$1,250,000
5 Gardner Perry Lane 11/18/19Town21.5Single Family$1,220,000
6 Kittiwake Lane 02/21/19Naushop32.5Single Family$1,175,000
9 Brinda Lane 06/20/19Mid Island32Single Family$1,160,000
6 The Grove 12/13/19Fishers Landing33Single Family$1,149,000
19 Broadway 12/12/19Sconset42.5Single Family$1,100,000
46 Surfside Road 01/30/19Surfside52Multi-Family$1,100,000
21 Bank Street 05/17/19Sconset11Single Family$1,070,000
17 New Street 09/30/19Sconset32Single Family$1,050,000
26 Arlington Street 08/01/19Tom Nevers32.5Single Family$1,000,000
17 A Daffodil Lane 01/29/19Surfside67.5Single Family$995,000
2 Dovekie Court 06/26/19Naushop32.5Single Family$975,000
16 Folger Avenue 04/18/19Surfside11.5Single Family$940,000
6 Cherry Street 12/06/19Town21Single Family$890,000
7 Reaper Circle 11/22/19Sconset00Land$877,500
4 Cherry Street 11/25/19Town21Single Family$865,000
13 A Pine Tree Road 03/20/19Mid Island23Single Family$840,000
9 New Jersey Avenue 12/19/19Madaket21Single Family$835,000
26 Clarendon Street 10/01/19Tom Nevers32Single Family$799,000
14B Daffodil Lane 07/26/19Surfside12Single Family$751,666
9 Coffin Street 11/26/19Town11Single Family$750,000
2 Park Circle, # A 12/30/19Mid Island33.5Condo$750,000
6 Huntington Street 07/15/19Tom Nevers32.5Single Family$700,000
130 Somerset Road 06/21/19Miacomet00Land$682,500
10 Miacomet Avenue, # A 07/19/19Miacomet22Condo$680,000
87 Skyline Drive, # A 05/08/19Surfside21.5Covenant/Affordable$665,000
10 Beach Street 10/17/19Sconset11Single Family$600,000
74 Arkansas Avenue 07/10/19Madaket32Single Family$550,000
46A Surfside Road 05/28/19Surfside00Land$550,000

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