New Home Construction on Nantucket: 5 Design Trends

New construction design trends are constantly evolving on Nantucket. With its unique blend of coastal charm and historic character, Nantucket provides the perfect canvas for architects and designers to create stunning homes that blend seamlessly with the island's natural beauty. Below are 5 great design trends for new home construction on Nantucket.

  1. Incorporating Natural Elements
    One of the most popular design trends for new home construction on Nantucket is incorporating natural elements. This can include using materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, and natural fibers to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Natural elements can also be incorporated using large windows, skylights, and open floor plans that allow for an abundance of natural light.
  2. Mixing Traditional and Modern Styles
    Mixing traditional and modern styles can be achieved using modern finishes and fixtures, such as stainless-steel appliances and sleek lighting, in combination with traditional architectural elements, such as shingle siding and gabled roofs.
  3. Embracing Outdoor Living
    With Nantucket's beautiful natural surroundings, it's no surprise that outdoor living is a popular design trend for new home construction on the island. This can include the creation of outdoor entertaining spaces, such as decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens. Of course, including an outdoor shower for rinsing off the sand or showering al fresco while looking at the stars is a must. Depending on location, pools are becoming more popular, and many new neighborhoods are offering community pools.
  4. Utilizing Sustainable Design
    Sustainable design is becoming increasingly popular for new home construction on Nantucket Island. This can include the use of environmentally friendly materials, such as bamboo flooring and low-VOC paint, as well as the incorporation of energy-efficient features, such as solar panels and high-efficiency HVAC systems.
  5. Multi-Purpose Space
    With changing families and work lives, multi-purpose spaces are becoming increasingly important. This is no different for new home construction on Nantucket Island. This can include the creation of flexible living spaces, such as home offices or guest suites, that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the homeowner.

The luxury homes for sale at Sandpiper Place II incorporate these elements while maintaining the Nantucket charm that draws us to the island. By doing this architects and builders blend luxury with flexibility to design new homes with a historic flavor.

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