Reopening Nantucket, Massachusetts Phase 1

On May 18th the state of Massachusetts presented the following plan in regards to reopening the state. We are currently in phase 1 with future phases to be started depending on the effectiveness of the current phase. Unfortunately, this does leave us with unanswered questions but the plan does give us an indication of what to expect during each phase. If all goes well we could see a transition to phase 2 June 8th.

Currently, in phase 1, short-term rentals are prohibited. In phase 2 short-term rentals will be allowed with restrictions. At this time it is not clear what those restrictions are, however, we anticipate this information soon.

Phase 1 (current phase) limited list of allowed activities on Nantucket.

  • No restrictions on beach access, surfing or other water sports. 
  • Starting May 25th fishing and boating will be permitted.
  • Real Estate showings are permitted with social distancing.
  • Curbside pick-up and delivery continues for restaurants
  • Golf courses are open with social distancing
  • Retailers are able to offer curbside pickup.


Looking forward to phase 2 when the following limited list of activities will be allowed on Nantucket.

  • Short-term rentals and hotel lodging will be allowed with restrictions to be announced at a later date.
  • Day spas, nail salons, and massage therapies can open with social distancing. 
  • Dine-in service to be allowed in restaurants.
  • In-store shopping will be allowed at retailers.


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