Nantucket Solo Run for Hope - Swim Across America

To support our oncology nurses and technicians in these trying times of pandemic, when vulnerable cancer patients continue to require treatment, Nantucket Triathlon Club and Monument Running Group are hosting a virtual “Nantucket Solo Run for Hope” on May 1, 2, and 3 with three different run distances 5k, 10k and Half Marathon, plus a 5k walk. The beneficiary of the Solo Run for Hope is Swim Across America – Nantucket, which supports on-island cancer treatment and patient care through the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Oncology Department and PASCON, the Island’s palliative care provider. All of these nurses and technicians are on the front lines every day.

Maury People SIR agents Jenny Paradis and Roberta White will each be running a 10K SOLO RUN FOR HOPE. Your donation helps the front line workers here on Nantucket! Thank YOU, as always, for the support.

Please click below to donate!

Donate on Jenny Paradis' Solo Run For Hope Page

Donate on Roberta White's Solo Run For Home Page

Maury People Sotheby's is proud to be a platinum sponsor of Swim Across America Nantucket. At this time this year's 8th Annual Open Water Swim event is still scheduled to take place on July 25.


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