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Results for 04/16/2024 to 07/16/2024  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$4,150,119 Average Sale To Last Ask95%
Median Sold Price$2,825,000 Average DOM87
Average Sale To Assessed140.13% Number of Solds59
Average Sale To Original Ask93% Total Sum of Solds$244,857,000

Total Sales Volume 2023

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
8 Maple Lane 07/05/24Mid Island00Land$2,195,0000
17 Pleasant Streeet 07/05/24Town221 Family$3,715,00034
8 Red Mill Lane 07/02/24Town00Land$2,125,000190
42 Shimmo Pond Road 06/28/24Shimmo771 Family$24,000,00054
25 Beach Grass Road 06/28/2400Land$620,000213
30 Bosworth Road 06/28/24Tom Nevers441 Family$5,550,000241
1 Hedgebury Lane 06/27/24West of Town431 Family$4,862,500
11 Hinckley Lane 06/27/24Cliff661 Family$17,725,0000
137 Wauwinet Road 06/27/24Wauwinet421 Family$4,100,000333
33 West Chester Street 06/26/24Town321 Family$2,825,00068
63 Cato Lane 06/26/24South of Town751 Family$1,950,000
21 Woodland Drive 06/25/24Surfside431 Family$1,255,00072
7A New Lane 06/24/24Town441 Family$4,575,00090
1 South Mill Street 06/24/24Town00Land$900,00016
1 Cliff Lane 06/20/24Cliff561 Family$11,300,000309
20 West Chester Street 06/17/24Town441 Family$6,995,00016
4 Bluet Court 06/14/2400Land$781,000
6 Indigo Drive 06/13/24441 Family$2,300,0004
11 Pleasant Street 06/13/24Town661 Family$8,100,000289
12 Washaman Avenue 06/13/24Nashaquisset551 Family$3,495,000197
35 King Street 06/10/24Sconset421 Family$2,925,0006
54 Burnell Street 06/03/24Sconset531 Family$5,800,000
6 Tautemo Way 06/03/24Cisco00Land$3,500,0000
13 Washing Pond Road 06/03/24Cliff781 Family$17,000,00036
6 Red Mill Lane 05/31/24South of Town551 Family$6,200,0000
23 Waydale Road 05/30/24Mid Island421 Family$2,050,0000
8B Lyon Street 05/29/24Town111 Family$1,606,000116
31 Surfside Road 05/23/24South of Town321 Family$2,125,000
149 Main Street 05/17/24Town311 Family$4,225,000
13 & 13A Woodland Drive 05/17/24Surfside321 Family$3,000,000
2 White Whale Lane 05/15/24South of Town43Condo$1,500,000154
8 Essex Road 05/15/24Mid Island431 Family$1,900,00091
20 Ellens Way 05/15/24Miacomet561 Family$6,650,000138
20 Greglen Avenue 05/10/24Mid Island53Commercial$2,850,000
18A Greglen Avenue 05/10/24Mid Island00Land$1,500,000120
2 Blazing Star Road 05/10/24441 Family$3,550,00035
1 Farmer Street 05/10/24Town331 Family$3,600,000141
85 Orange Street 05/09/24Town116Condo$3,350,0000
8 Luff Road 05/09/24Miacomet321 Family$1,900,0000
4 Easy Street 05/08/24Town00Commercial$2,600,000
45 Fair Street 05/08/24Town441 Family$4,800,0000
12 Pilgrim Road 05/07/24West of Town00Land$2,825,00050
67 Squam Road 05/03/24Squam441 Family$10,700,000331
19 Cynthia Lane 05/02/24Mid Island531 Family$1,495,000145
5 Indigo Drive 04/30/24441 Family$2,349,0001
7 Indigo Drive 04/30/24431 Family$1,866,00070
13 Honeysuckle Drive 04/30/24441 Family$1,985,00033
6 Towaddy Lane 04/29/24Sconset421 Family$2,500,0003
1A Park Circle 04/29/24Mid Island32Condo$900,000125
4 Wood Hollow Road 04/26/24Tom Nevers321 Family$1,830,000105

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