Your Nantucket Rental

Arriving At Your Property

In order to provide a clean property, we appreciate your cooperation by strictly honoring the arrival time of 3:00PM. Time is needed between guests to allow the cleaning service to properly prepare the house for your stay. If you arrive to the island early, I suggest exploring our historic downtown. Town is home to world-class restaurants, art galleries, boutique shops, and historic landmarks and museums. If you would like any suggestions, feel free to ask.

CONDITION OF RENTAL: It is very important to us that your rental experience meets your expectations. If you are not satisfied with the condition or cleanliness of the house or you find there is any damage upon arrival, please notify your agent within 24 hours of your arrival. If you desire additional cleaning during your stay, or have questions regarding cleaning, please contact your us.

During Your Stay

AIR CONDITIONING: Air conditioning systems are extremely fragile. If your house is equipped with central air conditioning, please be sure that all windows and doors are closed while the AC is running. If windows/doors are left open while the AC is running, you could unintentionally freeze the condenser and permanently damage the AC unit. If the condensers freeze and the AC no longer works, it could take several days to thaw or possibly not work at all for the duration of your stay. You also might be responsible for the cost to repair the system. If you choose to just enjoy the fresh air, please turn off the AC.

PHONE CALLS: There is no charge for local calls. All local numbers require 10-digit dialing with the area code (508).

WI-FI: Most Wi-Fi networks and passwords are posted in the house. It may be posted on the refrigerator, near the router, or in the house manual. If you do not see the Wi-Fi password in the house, please contact the caretaker.

BBQ GRILLS: Please make sure to clean the grill after each use. It’s easiest to clean with a grill brush when the grill is still hot.

GAS GRILLS: Please make sure to turn the nozzle of the propane tank to CLOSE after every use. If the propane tank is out of gas, look around, it is likely that there is a second tank of propane or you can contact the caretaker who can provide you with a full tank. If you are in a rush and would like to fill the tank yourself you can take it to The Airport Gas Station, Yates Gas, or the Stop and Shop on Pleasant Street.

CHARCOAL GRILLS: Make sure that coals are completely cooled before disposal.

TRASH: DO NOT MOVE OUTDOOR TRASH BINS. A private trash service disposes of properly sorted trash and recyclables during your stay. If you require extra trash removal during your stay, contact your caretaker. Click here for important Recycling Information.

Departing Your Property

CHECKOUT: Our check-out time is no later than 9:00AM. Please observe the checkout time as the cleaners will be promptly arriving to prepare for the next tenants’ arrival.

KEYS: All keys must be returned to our office upon your departure. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE KEYS WITH MAURY PEOPLE TAGS IN THE HOUSE! If you are leaving the island before or after our office hours, please call our office at (508)-228-1881 for the lockbox code. The wooden lockbox is located outside our office at 37 Main Street where you can drop your house key. There will be a charge of $25.00 for each key that is not returned.

CLEANING: Your rental includes a normal cleaning upon departure. If extra cleaning or moving furniture back to its original position is required, the cost will be deducted from your security deposit. To ensure that the cleaning costs do not exceed the normal included amount, we ask that you do the following minimal tasks before you depart the property:

  • Tidy up the rooms.
  • Strip the beds that you have used.
  • Do as much laundry as you can. This will considerably cut down on cleaning time. DO NOT make up the beds; put clean, folded linens on the foot of the bed.
  • Start the dishwasher.
  • Empty the refrigerator and be sure your trash and recyclables are properly sorted in the bins or barrels provided. Nantucket has a very strict recycling policy and the rubbish service will not take your trash if it is not properly sorted. This will result in a $200 charge that will be deducted from your security deposit.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Your security deposit minus any necessary deductions, accompanied by appropriate invoices, will be sent to you no later than 60 days after your departure date in accordance with Massachusetts state laws.

General Information

Please find links to airline and ferry services to the island, as well as links to the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Services websites.

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