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Results for 12/05/2023 to 03/05/2024  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$4,048,610 Average Sale To Last Ask96%
Median Sold Price$3,126,250 Average DOM91
Average Sale To Assessed153.75% Number of Solds54
Average Sale To Original Ask92% Total Sum of Solds$218,624,950

Total Sales Volume 2023

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
3 Back Street 01/02/24Town321 Family$1,200,000119
1 Back Street 01/02/24Town221 Family$1,700,000119
15B PARK CIRCLE 12/29/23Mid Island21Condo$955,000
3 Salros Road 12/28/23Mid Island43Multi Family$1,650,000131
3 Towaddy Lane 12/28/23Sconset321 Family$2,300,00033
22 Atlantic Avenue 12/26/23Town421 Family$2,361,70017
7 Honeysuckle Drive 12/22/23Mid Island451 Family$2,200,000158
15 Woodbury Lane 12/22/23Town441 Family$5,845,000
53 Union Street 12/21/23Town321 Family$1,775,00011
28 Union Street 12/21/23Town431 Family$3,645,000210
11 Pine Street 12/21/23Town331 Family$3,000,000
10 Indigo Drive 12/21/23Mid Island00$306,500
6 West York Lane 12/20/23Town431 Family$2,650,0000
3 Bear Street 12/19/23Town331 Family$1,590,000125
36 Meadow View Drive 12/18/23West of Town551 Family$2,450,000103
32 Flintlock Road 12/18/23Tom Nevers651 Family$3,825,00021
23B Rhode Island Avenue 12/18/23Madaket21Condo$1,335,00039
55 Burnell Street 12/13/23Sconset411 Family$2,750,0000
11 North Water Street 12/13/23Town1716Commercial$7,515,000
37 North Pasture Lane 12/12/23Polpis551 Family$5,500,000237
18 Eat Fire Spring Road 12/11/23Quidnet641 Family$3,625,000315
7 Second Way 12/08/23Mid Island431 Family$1,600,00028
11 Adams Street 12/08/23Surfside421 Family$2,250,000375
11 North Road 12/06/23Shimmo00Land$6,000,000

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