Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 08/30/2023 to 09/30/2023  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$4,184,808 Average Sale To Last Ask95%
Median Sold Price$3,700,000 Average DOM105
Average Sale To Assessed143.73% Number of Solds13
Average Sale To Original Ask93% Total Sum of Solds$54,402,500

Total Sales Volume 2021

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
11 Honeysuckle Drive 05/01/23Mid Island331 Family$2,135,6700
6 Beverly Court 05/01/23Mid Island331 Family$1,475,00017
5 Bluet Court 04/25/23Mid Island00Land$595,00018
9A Pilgrim Road 04/21/23Cliff551 Family$6,050,00039
9A Benjamin Drive #1 04/18/23Town00$283,500
9B Benjamin Drive 04/18/23Town00$285,900
9A Benjamin Drive 04/18/23Town00$283,500
26 Douglas Way 04/18/23Dionis85Land$6,150,000
13 Aurora Way 04/18/23Hummock Pond00Land$1,225,00092
67 Milestone Road 04/14/23Middle Moors641 Family$3,065,000202
12 Ellens Way 04/14/23Miacomet451 Family$5,200,00054
12 Galen Avenue 04/14/23Brant Point551 Family$5,800,00096
96/7 Tuckernuck 04/12/23Tuckernuck201 Family$850,000
4B Back Street 04/12/23Town451 Family$2,500,000467
12 West Sankaty Road 04/10/23Sconset321 Family$925,000
25 North Water Street 04/07/23Town431 Family$3,945,00035
10 York Street 04/07/23Town00Land$1,390,000
26 Killdeer Lane 04/07/23Naushop321 Family$1,700,00045
29 Beach Grass Road 04/06/23Mid Island00$271,900
34A Grove Lane 04/05/23Town321 Family$1,860,00022
39 Cliff Road 04/04/23Cliff431 Family$8,500,00084
22 Tashama Lane 04/04/23Mid Island00Land$885,0002
14 Pine Street 03/31/23Town531 Family$4,195,00028
8 York Street 03/30/23Town321 Family$1,900,000133
9 Doc Ryder Drive 03/30/23Miacomet321 Family$2,005,000
19R Cynthia Lane 03/28/23Mid Island21$767,511
37 Chuck Hollow Road 03/24/23Tom Nevers00Land$1,450,0002
25 Ellens Way 03/23/23Miacomet551 Family$6,000,0000
55 Nobadeer Avenue (portion) 03/22/23Surfside00Land$4,600,0006
31 Sankaty Road 03/22/23Sconset771 Family$7,275,00087