Nantucket Real Estate Statistics

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Results for 09/01/2023 to 10/01/2023  

Sold Statistics

Average Sold Price$4,390,200 Average Sale To Last Ask94%
Median Sold Price$4,000,000 Average DOM121
Average Sale To Assessed137.57% Number of Solds10
Average Sale To Original Ask92% Total Sum of Solds$43,902,000

Total Sales Volume 2021

Sold Properties

AddressSold DateAreaBedsBathsTypeSold PriceDOM
13 Arkansas Avenue 11/23/22Madaket331 Family$2,400,00021
2 Silver Street 11/22/22Town541 Family$4,000,000218
2 Tripp Drive 11/21/22Surfside44Multi Family$1,750,000
13 Academy Lane 11/21/22Town421 Family$2,500,0001
5 Grant Avenue 11/18/22Cliff761 Family$19,900,000140
12 Pilgrim Road 11/17/22Cliff311 Family$2,350,00044
1 Paupamo Way 11/17/22Nashaquisset22Co-Op$1,660,00037
12 Milk Street 11/17/22Town461 Family$4,250,00021
12 Appleton Road 11/16/22Mid Island321 Family$1,400,00010
7 White Street 11/16/22Surfside321 Family$3,100,00028
23 West Chester Street 11/16/22Town11Condo$850,00040
40 Pine Street 11/16/22Town441 Family$2,530,0009
75 Squam Road 11/16/22Squam451 Family$5,425,000156
9 Lyons Lane 11/15/22Tom Nevers321 Family$2,400,00021
29 Tashama Lane 11/15/22South of Town431 Family$1,885,000121
18 Mill Street 11/14/22Town451 Family$7,180,000222
5 Cachalot Lane 11/14/22South of Town441 Family$3,050,00011
3 Upper Tawpawshaw Road 11/14/22Middle Moors00Land$1,700,000
32 Union Street 11/10/22Town551 Family$5,300,00063
7 Chase Links Circle 11/09/22Cliff661 Family$20,500,0000
4 Westerwick Drive 11/09/22Sconset00Land$1,900,00039
14 Hussey Street 11/08/22Town951 Family$5,195,000105
2 Quidnet Reserve Drive 11/07/22Quidnet00Land$2,000,000
41.5 Nobadeer Farm Road 11/07/22Mid Island331 Family$1,650,00045
91 Tom Nevers Road 11/07/22Tom Nevers441 Family$6,350,00090
31 South Cambridge Street 11/04/22Madaket321 Family$1,220,000
35 Beach Grass Road 11/04/22Mid Island00$271,900
14 Cathcart Road 11/02/22Monomoy211 Family$4,480,000
11 Roberts Lane 11/02/22West of Town211 Family$1,725,00042
29 Longwood Drive 11/02/22Tom Nevers321 Family$2,100,0007